Western Safety Stirrups

A safety stirrup specifically for the western rider

We believe we have the BEST product of its kind in the world. A classic looking western stirrup with the benefit of offering a quick release in the event of an accident. Our U.S. Patented Western Safety Stirrups greatly reduce the chance of getting your foot caught in your stirrup and being dragged in the event you fall or are thrown from your horse.

Truly American made and proud of it. Western Safety Stirrups were conceived in the U.S. They are designed, manufactured, and assembled in the U.S, using only American materials and labor. Nothing is produced off-shore.

Taking a time proven non-mechanical release system, and coupling it with good old American know-how created these safety stirrups for the Western rider. Though no stirrup can guarantee that you won’t be dragged or injured in a fall, Western Safety Stirrups greatly reduce that risk.

Based on the peacock design so popular with English stirrups, now available for the Western rider. In addition to the wrap-around non-slip footpad, we added a leather keeper to the outside opening of the stirrup. This maintains the Western look while protecting the rubber peacock from accidentally releasing, and helps prevent the outside of the stirrup from catching and hanging up on anything. Western Safety Stirrups have taken a good idea and made it great!

Crafted with alloy 356 structural grade aluminum, the body of Western Safety Stirrups is then heat treated to double strength at a marine hardware casting facility in New Hampshire. Assembly of the release parts, stirrup leather attachments, rubber footpads and custom leather tooling is done at The Trainer’s Loft in Tilton, New Hampshire.

Enjoy the confidence and peace of mind that comes from our ingenuity and expertise in developing and producing a product for the Western rider that is long overdue.

western safety stirrups freeride safety stirrups
Western safety stirrups on horse
Patent #8850781

Western Safety Stirrups deliver Peace of Mind with every ride.


western safety stirrups or free ride stirrups

Time Tested, Non Mechanical Release

western safety stirrups or free ride stirrups

Classic Western Style

western safety stirrups or free ride stirrups

Leather Keeper hides Breakaway peacock

western safety stirrups or free ride stirrups

Choices in leather color and stamped designs

western safety stirrups or free ride stirrups

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